Noah and Lot's Generation in Modern Times | Watch Therefore

"The Old Testament is the New Testament concealed where the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed.” This message today is so relevant for you wherever you are!






Welcome to Watch Therefore! The program designed to help the follower of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) obey His command to watch therefore and be ready! For you don't know the hour or the day the Son of Man is coming. Dov Schwarz here at the Sea of Galilee, proclaiming to you... Watch Therefore and be ready!

Dov Schwarz is a Jewish believer in Messiah Jesus. He is the Founder of Watch Therefore Ministries and under this umbrella organization also co-founded the ministry, Blessing Israeli Believers. Dov also founded another Kingdom work called Poured Out For The Nations through which he has ministered multiple times in ten different African countries preaching the gospel, making disciples, and ministering to orphans and widows. Dov is the founder and director of the television program WATCH THEREFORE, which is recorded from the Sea of Galilee in Northern Israel. The primary vision for the program is to make faithful servant disciples of Messiah Jesus in preparation for the Rapture, the Millennial Reign of our Lord Jesus—and then eternity in the Kingdom of the LORD! His lifelong goal is to hear from our Savior, and make disciples who also hear, “well done thy good and faithful servant.”   Watch Therefore TV is exploding around the world with the light of the gospel and discipleship of Messiah Jesus just before He comes for us! This Watch Therefore message is now available in nearly 200 countries. Dov has been an Associate Pastor of a denominational church and a Church Planting Pastor of Calvary Chapel in the Houston, TX area. He has also authored four books entitled IDENTITY CRISIS ISRAEL AND THE CHURCH, AMERICA’S ARK, WATCH THEREFORE AND BE READY and ACTIVATE THE BLESSINGS OF THE ABRAHAM COVENANT. Dov currently lives with his wife in Israel and has two adult children.