EP 21: Kara Kae James - Called to Thrive, Not Survive

My guest for episode 21 is Kara Kae James. "A complete mess covered in grace", KK is a wife to Brook and mama to three girls and one newly adopted and adorable baby boy. She is the co-founder and Executive Director of Thrive Moms, an online ministry that provides daily encouragement and resources for moms everywhere. Thrive Moms has been a life-changing resource for me as I've spent the last two years learning about what it means to be a mom. Like so many moms out there, I spent the early months in survival mode. I thought that if I could just get through each day, then that was enough. But being a mom is so much more than just trying to make it through the day or complaining about how hard it is. Listen to today's episode, "Called to Thrive, Not Survive", and be encouraged that being a mom is not about surviving. It's about stepping boldly into what we've all been called to do. It's about celebrating and owning this glorious adventure.

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