You Are By Rafael

Christian Hip Hop Artist Turns His Life Struggles Into Charting Type Music


Christian Hip Hop Artist Rafael was born as Bryan Cabrera. He was raised in a single-family home with his mother and younger brother. He was born in Los Angeles, California and later relocated to Dallas Texas. Growing up, Rafael always felt something missing in his heart. Mostly due to his father being absent from his life. It was the foundation of Rafael’s major depression. Rafael felt incomplete and the longing to know his father hunted him. Almost on a daily basis, he could not find peace in his life. Eventually, he started working out at the gym as a coping mechanism. It helped him regain a little peace. However, when he met Pastor Randy Jones he was told that Jesus loves him.

Pastor Randy encouraged Rafael and informed him that he has a purpose in life. Since then, Rafael’s life changed tremendously. Pastor Randy taught him how to allow God to become the father he never knew. He quoted Psalms 89:26 and stated: “you are my father my God and the rock of my salvation”.


The Appointment To Minister Through Music


After 2 years of devoting a lifestyle of discipleship, Rafael felt a calling to tell the world about Jesus through music and personal testimonies. It’s the belief of Rafael that God has given him a Divine appointment to minister to a target audience. A revelation came to him in a dream which he saw himself performing on a stage. One can say that Rafael certainly has a gift to sing and it’s revealed in the song “You Are” that was co-written with Pastor Randy and two other songwriters. Rafael no longer feels defeated or like a victim of depression. He is very grateful that God is the rock of his salvation.


“You Are” Going For National Radio Airplay Adds


Devine Jamz Gospel Network is confident that with the National Radio Airplay Campaign, the song “You Are” will be a highly favored upbeat track to play by radio programmers. It’s likely to land on a couple of airplay charts as well because it has that vibe that will reach both the young and middle age hip-hop music lovers. Stay tuned for more updates as we expose one of Rafael’s greatest projects to the radio industry around the nation.

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