Fraternite Notre Dame TV - Français

FNDTV propose des programmes de télévision dans un esprit chrétien pour être une inspiration pour la famille, protéger et éduquer l'enfance, éclairer et enseigner l'adolescence, aider à l'épanouissement des jeunes adultes, soutenir les familles et faire apprécier la sagesse des plus âgés.

FNDTV is an IPTV platform accessible from anywhere in the world, for the family, the maintaining of Catholic Tradition, Christian Unity, religious freedom and human rights. FNDTV is also made of religious people filled with energy and determination, towards God's glory and Evangelization, offering their lives for the Salvation of souls and the service of the poorest of the poor and all those who suffer in their heart or in their body, with no distinction of social status, race, gender or creed. Learn how to know them, through their TV programs. They dedicate themselves unreservedly towards offering this valuable content to you, day and night. Share in their joy and peace, their love of God which prompted them to create this TV for you, your family, and in order to help you keep the Faith and uphold Christian Values, despite everything and everyone!