The Secret Garden

When her parents are lost in a tragic airship accident, Mary Lennox must seek comfort in the strange and forgotten corridors of Misselthwaite Factory. While investigating the hidden secrets that lie within the crumbling walls, Mary forges unexpected friendships and discovers that love can grow in the most unusual places. Experience the magical world of “The Secret Garden” as never before in this imaginative, steampunk-inspired production of the classic tale.
Type: Movie
Release Year: 2017
MPAA Rating: TV-G
Run Time: 1:30:00
Language: English
Genre: Adventure
Cast: Glennellen Anderson (Mary Lennox), Amanda Waters (Martha Sowerby), Erin Leigh Bushko (Mrs. Medlock), Max River (Dickon Sowerby), Sacha Dzuba (Doctor Craven), Mark Ashworth (Ben Weatherstaff), Hannah Fierman (Lily Craven), Michael Vaughn (Archibald Craven), Paden Garrett Anderson (Colin Craven
Director: Owen Smith
Producer: Owen Smith, Erin Smith

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