The Cascadia Treasure

Sixteen-year-old Rachel Cather is a child of the land, a self-reliant farm girl who sees her home and family threatened by a powerful developer. Determined to stop him, she launches a heroic quest of her own, following the ghost of a young boy deep into the mountains where, legend says, he leads treasure-seekers to a fortune in lost gold - or to certain doom. The journey includes friends and foes, perils and thrills, but the greatest test will be of Rachel's faith in human nature - and in herself.
Type: Movie
Release Year: 2020
MPAA Rating: TV-G
Run Time: 1:25:00
Language: English
Genre: Adventure
Cast: Rushele Provoncha, Erik Golden, Ron Ford, Anne Selcoe
Director: James R. Temple
Producer: James R. Temple

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