Hearing God’s Answers in Our Lives

Since the beginning of time and throughout all history, people have inspired and upheld one another by sharing their stories of faith, in times of trial and in times of joy. With that same conviction and mission we have gathered these true stories from prayerful Catholics around the world to continue this legacy. These heart-warming, hope-filled stories prove the power of prayer and clarify God’s presence and guidance in our everyday lives. This collection of stories includes those of: 

  • Dottie, distraught over her daughter's anorexia, who renews her confidence in a devotion from her childhood. ("Sacred Heart of Jesus")

  • Sally, mother of four daughters and a son, who receives her son's slowly unfolding news that he has decided to become a priest. ("My Son's New Job")

  • Deborah, who, left penniless after a divorce, hardly dares to answer when asked by new friends at a retreat, "What do you need?" ("Miracle Soup")

  • Connie, whose sister's patience wears thin over prayers to St. Anthony to find a lost wallet. ("Just Pray to St. Anthony")

  • Martha, whose sister Jacki says God always provides for her needs, who then calls and asks, "Guess what?" ("The Christmas Bonus")

  • Martha, who days before her daughter's wedding, despairs of finding a location for the family party and bridal shower. ("A Picture in a Prayer")

  • Beth, with a Stage IV diagnosis, who returns to her doctor after a holy oil anointing. ("One Year")

  • Susanna, who has eight new friends with only two things in common: the military and some connection to Catholicism. ("Like Beads on a String")

  • Emily Sue, who wished she had listened to all the details of her dad's stories before his unexpected death, but whose melancholy vanishes as she finds a gift she had earlier been too busy to receive. ("To Susie With Love")

These stories will lift your spirits and nourish your souls. Read them one at a time, alone or in a group. Savor the scripture verse or quotation. Embrace the message. Deepen your faith. Take God’s hand as He guides you on your journey of hope.

About the Author

Amy Newmark is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

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