Chicken Soup for the Soul: Running for Good

These 101 real-life stories will motivate and inspire you to get out there and walk or run!

Everyone needs a boost to power through those first steps in the morning or those last steps of a grueling race. And there’s no better motivation than hearing from people who have changed their lives through running or walking. The benefits to your physical and mental health from hitting the road or the trail are boundless. In these pages you’ll meet men and women who have run or walked off hundreds of pounds, who’ve conquered injuries, depression, or anxiety, who’ve made friends, repaired relationships, switched careers—all through the miracle of getting outside and moving their bodies. As ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes says, “Getting out there creates camaraderie, confidence… and calm.” This new collection is also filled with stories from people who have not only done “good” for themselves, but have also raised money for good causes through everything from 5K races to 100-mile ultramarathons. Prepare to be inspired—to do some good for yourself and for others!

About the Author

Amy Newmark is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Chicken Soup for the Soul has been “changing lives one story at a time”® since 1993 with more than 250 books that provide hope, inspiration, and tips for a better life. Virtually every title becomes a self-help bestseller. Each book contains 101 true, personal stories submitted by ordinary people with extraordinary experiences to share. The topics are wide-ranging, but always inspirational and entertaining, covering everything from faith and spirituality to family, marriage, pets, and overcoming challenges of all kinds. Life values such as gratitude, forgiveness, mindfulness, positive thinking, and giving back are a big part of the series, with specific self-help books that help readers of all ages, from children to the elderly.