Take a Hike... It's Good for You!

Although it is the last chapter in our new book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Your 10 Keys to Happiness, it also happens to be one of my favorites -- and that is "Get Outside in Nature." I love the sense of community I feel when I spend time outside. It makes me very aware that I am but a tiny cob in the gigantic machinery of life on our planet. And... it makes me happy!

When I go outside to take a hike I also love the fresh air, I love that I am getting a dose of vitamin D, and I love that all of this is improving my overall health and fitness. I sleep better too... who doesn't love that?

Here's a sneak peek at two of my favorite stories from the "Get Outside in Nature" chapter:

In her story, "The Trail to Myself," Ann Morrow discovered the peace that comes from getting outside. On the morning of her forty-fifth birthday, she stood at the bathroom mirror and realized that the woman looking back at her was angry, stressed and unfit. That's when she decided to reclaim control of her life... she grabbed her coat, walked out the front door and began her walking journey. Walking led to a thirty-pound weight loss for Ann, and it set her back on the path to rediscovering her creative side, too.

In JC Sullivan's story, "Shinrin-yoku Is Good for You," JC tells us that she never went hiking, even though she lived next door to one of the best hiking areas in Los Angeles. Finally, a friend forced her to go for a walk, and JC was hooked, enjoying all the health benefits of what the Japanese call shinrin-yoku, or "forest bathing."

See you out on the trails!


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