Put Yourself at the Top of Your To-Do List

Everyone knows they are supposed to put aside some "me time" every week, or even every day if possible! But it's not as easy as it sounds... especially if you're caring for others. So what do you do?

Our new book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Making Me Time, can help! This collection of 101 stories will help you put yourself at the top of your to-do list!

Below are previews of two of my favorite stories from the book that show quick easy ways you can make some "me time."

Make your own perfect vacation, even at home.
In Ann Oakland's story "Imaginary Holidays" she was working full time, attending college classes, and going through a divorce. Her co-workers often urged her to take a vacation, and their constant suggestions stressed her out even more. One Friday, a co-worker asked Ann what she was doing for the weekend, and Ann found herself responding with a fib: “Oh, I am taking a mini vacation, just a little weekend holiday.”

Now Ann needed a plan. On the way home from work, she stopped at a convenience store and bought lots of soda and snacks. And then she went on her own form of vacation, spending the whole weekend reading novels, drinking soda, and eating snacks.

When Ann went back to work on Monday after her imaginary vacation her co-workers said, “Wow, you must have had a great vacation. You look so rested.” And that’s when she realized she was, and she wasn’t stressed anymore either.

Get creative and you’ll find a way to incorporate self-care into your routine.
Sometimes we know what’s good for us but we can’t figure out how to squeeze it into our busy days. In her story "Counsel Walking" Sister Josephine Palmeri, a high school teacher, loved taking walks at the end of her seven-hour schooldays. But she also loved counseling the students who came to see her after school with their personal problems.

After missing her late-afternoon walk a couple of days in a row because of helping students, Sister Josephine realized she could do both. She could continue counseling her students by inviting them to join her on the walks.

She says it became a pattern, and she points out the benefit to the kids too, as they breathe deeper, move their bodies, and experience nature. She concludes her story by saying, “In the steady stride, inhale-and-exhale rhythm, with fresh oxygen flowing to the brain, these kids find relief from the pressures and frustrations they face. And I’ve lost ten pounds!”


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