Open Your Heart to the Possibilities

Have you ever experienced that weird, completely unexplainable situation, or the unexpected answered prayer, or how about that feeling a guardian angel must be watching over you?

If you enjoy hearing about stories like this you are going to love our new book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Angels All Around.

The 101 miraculous stories will amaze you as you read about divine intervention, serendipitous encounters and curious coincidences.

Here are two of my favorite stories that show how our writers experienced their own miracles!

The life-saving guidance from a stranger.
In her story, "Go and Get It," Francine L. Billingslea had two things left on her to-do list after a two-week vacation: paint a wall in the family room or go for her routine mammogram. As she was telling her mother she wasn’t going to the mammogram she heard a voice telling her to go. Still ignoring it, Francine was in a gift shop next to the paint store when a stranger commented on an angel figurine Francine had picked up. She told her it was a breast-cancer angel, and then advised, “Honey, get the angel and your mammogram. You’ll be fine.” How had the stranger known Francine was supposed to have her mammogram that day? And why did her voice sound like the same voice Francine had heard earlier that morning telling her to go? Francine went off to her mammogram and learned she had breast cancer. She went through treatment and was declared cancer-free nine years ago. And she says, “Had I not heard that voice or met that woman, I probably wouldn’t have gotten my mammogram in time.”

The helpful spirits who couldn’t have been there.
In the story, "The Pennsylvania Turnpike," Anita Stone and her husband Joe were taking their new baby to a family gathering when they got stuck in a terrible snowstorm. Cars and trucks were strewn across the snowy Pennsylvania Turnpike after numerous accidents. Joe managed to find a way off the highway and they stopped in a bar to find a place to spend the night. A man named David who was seated at the bar offered to let them stay with him and his wife at their small cabin up the road. The next day Anita and Joe found a hot breakfast waiting for them in the cabin, but their hosts were gone and they never returned during the 24 hours that Joe and Anita were stuck there waiting for the storm to end. When they finally left the cabin and drove back to the bar to learn more about their gracious hosts, the bartender told them the cabin hadn’t been occupied for three years—because the man who lived there, David, had died with his family in an accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike three years ago.


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