Let's Talk about Our Dogs!

Hey all you proud dog owners out there - did you know that National Dog Week is September 20 - 26?

What better way to celebrate than reading stories from our new book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Hilarious, Heroic, Human Dog .

There's something truly magical about our dogs — their natural joy, resilience, and protectiveness are so often combined with affection, intuition, courage, and just plain smarts. They keep us company, act as our therapists, and provide unconditional love. And they're so darn cute!

Here is a preview of one of my favorite stories from the book that talks about how our lovable canine companions can make even the most mundane tasks more fun!

In her story "Drive-Thru Dog" C. L. Nehmer has a Beagle named Lulu who loves to go for rides, sitting right next to her human mom. She knows exactly where they’ll be going on their errand days, with the first stop being the coffee shop drive-thru, which always has a puppy cup of cream ready for her. At the next stop, the bank, Lulu greets the bank tellers and knows there will be a dog biscuit tucked into the cash envelope that comes through the chute. Lulu knows to stay in the car at the gas station and minimart and then comes her favorite stop: the school.

At school, Lulu collects lots of pets and scratches behind her ears as the kids stream by the open car window. And then she performs her important task: licking her own small humans hello when they climb into the back seat. That done, she joins human mom in the front seat again.

Her human mom says, “Even though it was just an ordinary day, Lulu’s company made it special. There’s no one I’d rather be running errands with. Rain or shine, any time she hears the clatter of my keys or the tread of my shoes in the back hall, she’s ready to go. A car ride wouldn’t be the same without my faithful companion.”



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