Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine!

I love to laugh... it makes me feel good! It's no surprise, studies support that laughing triggers the release of endorphins, the body's natural feel-good chemicals.

I am excited to share our NEW book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Too Funny! This is our third humor book and I promise these 101 stories will make you laugh.

Here's a preview of two very funny stories from the book that we all can relate to:

The best way to get over total embarrassment is to tell everyone.
In her story "The Keys" Becky Campbell Smith was using her husband’s car to drive her daughter to camp, which gives her an excuse for what happened at the gas station that day. First, she realized she had no idea how to open the gas tank in his car, so while a woman waited impatiently behind her at the pumps, Becky called her husband.

That accomplished, Becky pumped her gas, but when it was time to leave she realized she had lost the keys to the car. At the gas station. While not moving. She had to go confess to the lady behind her that she wasn’t going anywhere, and the disgruntled lady backed up and switched to another line.

But a man pulled up behind Becky, so the pressure was still on. Becky and her daughter searched everywhere for the missing keys. Becky confessed to the man as well, but he stayed put, seeming to enjoy watching her humiliation.

Then a woman at an adjoining pump asked if she could help. Becky said yes, grateful to have a woman volunteer. And that’s when the woman found the keys in one second, hanging in the car door where Becky had left them when she opened the car to get her cell phone. She’d left the door open the whole time she was searching and never thought to peer around the other side of it because her normal car didn’t have keys that had to go in the door. The man behind her burst into applause, apparently pleased by Becky’s performance.

You can go too far with personal grooming.
In Pat Solstad's story "Lip Balm Addict" Pat is a self-proclaimed lip balm addict, so one particularly cold and dry day she applied her lip balm regularly while shopping at Walgreens. She always kept her lip balm loose in her purse so she could just reach in and grab it.

As she walked the aisles, Pat smiled at the other shoppers, but she noticed some of them were giving her peculiar looks. She thought that maybe they thought she was shoplifting because she kept reaching into her purse.

Even the cashier wouldn’t look Pat in the eye when she checked out. It was only when she got home and looked in the entryway mirror that she realized what had happened. She had been grabbing the wrong tube every time she reached into her purse. Her lips and the surrounding skin were liberally coated with red lipstick.


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