It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

I love this time of year... the lights, the decorations, and the music... but most of all I love spending time with family and friends.

Getting into the holiday spirit makes everyone feel good!

The 101 inspiring stories of holiday love and wonder in our new book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, is sure to jumpstart your holiday spirit!

Here is a preview of two of my favorite stories that show how our writers experienced the joy and wonder of the holiday season:

Learn how to count your blessings.
In the story "Christmas Oranges" Erinn C was always a bit disappointed when she got to the bottom of her Christmas stocking and found an orange. After all, it was taking up room that could have been filled with more candy. But when she was thirteen, she learned that her grandfather had grown up poor and an orange was a coveted treat that he only got to have once a year. Erinn’s mother was honoring her father by including that orange for her children, even though they lived with such plenty. Erinn understands now and says, “Now the orange at the bottom of the stocking is a reminder to be grateful for the beautiful Christmases that my parents gave me and for the hard work they did that ensured I could have an orange any day of the year.”

Everyone is family during the holidays.
In her story "The Broken-Wing Party" Phyllis McKinley was surrounded by friends and family who didn’t feel like celebrating Christmas. They were having health issues or grieving a recent loss or were separated from their families. Phyllis bought a scrawny, crooked little tree and invited her friends to a “broken wing” Christmas party. All the guests had something wrong in their lives at the time, and they were welcome to come in whatever mood they wanted, no Christmas cheer required. Of course, everyone had a great time after all, saying it was the best Christmas Eve ever. Phyllis says, “Sometimes, when we are unable to fly, it helps to just perch together, leaning our broken wings against the warmth of another person.”


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