It's a Good Time to Listen to Your Dreams!

We are so excited about our new book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Listen to Your Dreams. This is the third book we have done on dreams and their power to help you improve your life. Because here is what happens. During the day you're busy and distracted and you can't focus on your innermost thoughts and knowledge. But at night, while you are sleeping, your subconscious can get your attention, and say, "hey, here's what you need to think about or process or decide."

Here are previews of two of my favorite stories from the book that show ways you can use your dreams for personal transformation. Enjoy!

Dreams can give you courage.
In Rebecca Radicchi's story "Turned Messenger" she had a recurrent dream in which a tidal wave was roaring straight at her and she stood there frozen, watching it approach. Finally, after years of this nightmare, Rebecca decided to analyze it. She realized something very important: “Those colossal waves had never actually overtaken me. Not once.” Rebecca understood that no matter what kind of awfulness came at her, she would prevail.

She says, “From then on, I viewed those walls of water as a gift. They reminded me to balance out my feelings with facts. They encouraged me to deal with challenges by facing them. And they reassured me that no matter what comes, I’ll never be overcome.”

Dreams can save your life.
Have you ever had a premonition that something bad was about to happen? Perhaps you changed your day to avoid that bad event, or you warned someone else. In Marya Morin's story "Hush" she had so many dreams and premonitions that came true that her parents warned her not to tell anyone. Her story concerns her discovery of her gift as a young child, and her later reluctance to tell the man she was dating about it, until they were about to have a tire blow out on a mountain road. She screamed at her date to stop moments before their front tire exploded.

As they sat in the car on the shoulder of that treacherous road, trembling, she confessed that she had dreamed the night before about the tire and the ravine they would plunge into. Marya says that unlike her parents, “He expressed no fear or distaste—only relief for saving our lives and sympathy for the many omens I’d never disclosed to anyone.” They’ve been married for decades now.


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