Every Day Holds the Possibility of a Miracle

I'm not sure who first said it but it's so true... every day holds the possibility of a miracle.

Miracles are all around us. You just have to find them. In our new book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles & Divine Intervention, we have 101 stories from people who shared the experience of finding a miracle.

Here are previews of two of my favorite stories from the book that show every day does hold the possibility of a miracle:

Persistence can pay off, with even bigger benefits than expected.
In her story "Drugstore Dreams" Anne Oliver was obsessed with the huge old-fashioned apothecary cabinet she saw at a store when she toured the town she and her family had just moved to. The cabinet was about sixteen feet by eight feet; the upper section had shelves covered by glass doors, and the lower section had something like a hundred small drawers.

But it wasn’t for sale. The bulk of the store’s inventory was kept in there. Anne visited that cabinet for the next six years, checking to see if the cabinet would ever be available. She kept dreaming about that cabinet, too. She knew she was meant to own it although she couldn’t figure out why she was so obsessed with it.

Finally, she received an e-mail. The store was remodeling, and the cabinet was for sale. She rushed over to seal the deal, and the store owner kindly showed her the one issue with the cabinet: a handle was missing from one drawer. Suddenly, everything became clear. Anne had seen a cabinet just like that when she was a child. It was at a drugstore where she had grown up, several hundred miles and several states away. After the owner told her about the handle she said, “I know. If you open that drawer over there and look way in the back, you will find the handle. I broke it off accidentally when I was four years old and I hid it in there more than fifty years ago.”

Happy coincidences happen to all of us.
In Sheila Petnuch Fields' story "Dream on my Doorstep" she was a young, single mom raising three little boys on a preschool teacher’s salary, and was always short on cash. There was no money for extras, but she dreamed of redecorating her dining room. The family celebrated all their milestones and holidays in there and the room was a drab beige, from the carpeting to the walls.

Sheila finally saved enough money to buy a gallon of pale green paint for the walls and some solid green fabric for the chair seats, but what she really wanted was the beautiful green, cream and rose fabric she’d seen at a local store. If she had that fabric, she could sew window treatments, too, but it was completely unattainable on her budget.

Then one day Sheila’s elderly neighbor sent her grandson over with a bag. Every so often, she’d go through a closet and find craft items and leftover art supplies that she thought Sheila might be able to use. When Sheila opened the bag, she couldn’t believe it, because inside were yards and yards of green and cream and rose fabric almost identical to the one that Sheila had fallen in love with at the store. There was enough for the windows, a table runner, and even several pillows for the adjacent living room.


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