Do You Believe in Miracles?

Miracles happen every day — you just have to look around to see them!

In our new book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Believe in Miracles, we have 101 powerful stories that prove miracles are all around us... in answered prayers, coincidences, divine intervention, angels, and messages from heaven.

Here are previews of two of my favorite stories from the book that show you how to find the miracles in your life:

Listen to that little voice inside you.
In Nancy MacDonald’s story "Dad's Umbrella" Nancy's father gave her a few items to remember him by shortly before he passed away. The most special gift was his umbrella, which he told her was expensive and not to be given away. Nancy knew that was her dad’s way of saying that he would always be there to protect her, through that umbrella.

Her dad knew she had a collection of inexpensive umbrellas in her car that she would give away on rainy days. Whenever it rained, Nancy would pray to God to be directed to someone who needed one of her umbrellas. Then, one rainy day, when Nancy was all out of umbrellas, she heard a voice telling her to give her dad’s umbrella to a young man she had just driven past. She couldn’t believe it. She was so good about giving away umbrellas, but why did she have to give away this one? The voice persisted so Nancy turned the car around and gave away the special umbrella from her father. She then resumed her drive home, only to find that right after the spot where she had turned around there had been a multi-car accident, one in which she might have found herself if she hadn’t been forced to turn back.

Her dad’s umbrella had taken care of her after all.

Watch for those life-changing “coincidences.”
In her story "My Angel Had Feathers" Dorann Weber was having a lovely, lazy day at home and was sitting outside reading a book on her deck. She listened to the birds and the squirrels, and was just starting to doze off when she realized it had grown very quiet. She looked around and discovered a hawk right above her perched on a large tree limb. The hawk started screeching and flapping her wings frantically while looking directly at Dorann.

A professional photographer, Dorann saw an opportunity for a great shot, so she went into the house to get her camera. She wasn’t even inside for a minute when she heard a loud crashing sound outside. The tree limb that the hawk had been sitting on had broken off and fallen, crushing the deck and the chair in which Dorann had been seated only a minute before.

Dorann ran outside and looked up to find the hawk on a different branch. The hawk made eye contact with Dorann and then flew away, as if her work was done.


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