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Two Hours to Go

When was the last time you had two hours to go? Two hours before that big appointment you’ve waited months for or perhaps a first pay check from a long awaited new job? What did you do while you were waiting? Did you continue to do your best in the day’s work rather than sitting around waiting for the promise or did you simply go into wait mode?

I’ve had the opportunity to coach many individuals who were in wait mode when we first met. They were clearly stuck in a rut and had no idea how to move forward. They sensed something big was just around the corner so they made a choice to sit down and wait for it to find them. Needless to say, they usually failed to connect with their big something.

There are other folks I’ve coached who felt the same expectation but rather than wait for it to find them, they actively sought it out. They also worked to prepare themselves for the big it while they waited. These are the folks that tended to consistently surpass daily expectations rather than wait in disappointment day after day. They took their waiting time to better themselves through training, took care of personal projects while they had the time to do so, and basically made sure they were ready to answer the call when the phone rang.

Do you feel like you have two hours to go today; two hours before that next big something? Are you in doubt as to which next step to take towards it? If so, just take the next small step. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well in reality it is. You don’t always have to know what the next big it is. Just put one foot in front of the other each day to do what needs to be done so that when you’re down to your last two hours you’ll be ready for the arrival of your next big it.

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