always never land

Avoid Always and Never Land

Always and never, two words we should probably use a lot less of. These two words place limits on what we do, give, and receive. They place us in boxes and rob us of contingency plans and room for flexibility. Today I would like to share the principle thought that we are united with plenty and everything we need is within us. When we subscribe to this principle we can begin to act from a state of heartset rather than mindset which I believe moves us one step forward in our evolution towards self-actualization. Conversely, when we place limits on ourselves or our endeavors by using words like always and never, we begin to place roadblocks on our evolution path.

On a related note, we should learn to give and receive because we cannot simply give to the world. We must allow the world to give to us – not just when we feel need but when the world feels the need to give and love us. “Why” you might ask, “Do I need to receive from others?” Because doing so will allow you to fulfill your divine purpose while facilitating that outcome in others. Everything you need will show up as you need it when you allow others the privilege of exercising their divine ability to give. To that end, when you see/feel scarcity you must express gratitude. Notice where the qualities you need reside even if they are in another person; especially if they are in another. That’s ok; purposefully embrace that quality your spirit seeks wherever it is.

Let’s take this one step further by tackling the subject of money. Cash currency, for example, is a promissory note and within the promise is energy to be delivered later. The paper is not the promise; the energy within the paper is the promise. Simply stated money is just a promise; use it to do things that matter, contribute to your evolution, and contribute to other peoples’ abilities to evolve. Circulate it. When you do, your money provides an income for others in the economic cycle and as you give know you shall receive more so you can continue to contribute to the economy.

Consider this, what would your life look and feel like if you truly believed you are united with plenty and everything you need is within you? Could you then move forward to give of your money and stand by to receive all you need and more? How about making the shift from changing your mindset to modifying your heartset? Might this shift facilitate your ability to move onto the next step in your personal evolution? I know, I know, lots of questions...

Learn to invest, tithe to self! Consider spending 10% on yourself each month. Sow the seed, practice this principle. Be generous with yourself. This will change your life by allowing you to be generous with others. For some the inability to “be kind to self” can be based on fear that you must take care of yourself – rather than trust that God will take care of you. However, allowing yourself to have that childlike faith is paramount because it causes you to be a childlike servant; someone whom others allow to help them.

News flash, you are already whole. You will always have what you need and more, just as you do now. So the question I would pose today is this, “What is it that you can give right now?” In short, do not fear but rather accept love today. Simply ask yourself, “How can I grow, give, and celebrate today?” Just “be” enough for today. This is an opportunity for growth and to develop yourself. Be grateful for what you have and even for the negatives because they make you stronger. Believe and experience that when you walk outside of always and never land things show up exactly when you need them and above what you could ask for to boot.

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