Why I Want to be Julius Caesar by Bill Storie

Why I Want to be Julius Caesar by Bill Storie

If you could turn the clock back, I mean way back, to any time in history what time would you choose?

I watch a lot of documentaries online and I love hearing about the life and times of famous people in the past. I think it’s fair to say that people who make documentaries tend to make them about people who were A-Listers in their time. You don’t see too many programs about a man who was a plumber in Belgium in the late 1800s, do you?

Would you be rich, or notorious, or beautiful, or maybe an outlaw?

Did Bonnie & Clyde have it made? Lots of money, albeit illegally gained, fast cars (they had to be very fast), travelled around the country and saw new places every day, lots of fresh air, freedom (for a wee while at least), and of course, an active love life !!

Maybe you’d prefer to have lived in 18th century Venice. No worries about traffic congestion. Jump in the gondola and go across the street with a paddle or two. Neighbors didn’t casually drop in. Endless fancy balls where dressing up was a necessity. Plenty food and wine. No supermarkets or gas stations. And, of course, if you were of the fairer sex you’d always have Casanova to flirt with. Hmmm.

How’s about turning the clock back just a little and becoming the fifth Beatle? Think of the music in your life, not to mention the money. Mind you, they struggled at the beginning so probably you’d only go as far back as to when they become famous – and rich. No point in drudging through the back streets of Hamburg to go from one gig to another to try and get noticed. Cold, wet and dangerous. You could even play on stage at Shea Stadium in front of over 50,000 screaming fans?

And if you do seek danger you could go back and work in the court of Henry the 8th. He had a fairly grand lifestyle and had hundreds of people running after him day and night. He liked to eat. Well to tell the truth he liked to eat all the time. He had no time for politicians and wasn’t keen on international relations – he’d fit in well these days !!

Getting the idea?

At the end, I’m going to ask you who you would have liked to be and in what time-frame, so get ready.

As I said, I love documentaries and I enjoy historical stuff. Pretty much anything from a bygone age interests me. I like to see how people lived and how their lives perhaps shaped mankind. I was always interested in how they felt about life back then and what they did to improve it.

I watch documentaries about Britain in the Middle Ages ; the French Revolution ; the Russian Revolution ; World War 1 (100 years ago at the moment) and so forth. I also love watching everything about India. The place fascinates me. So many people, so much wealth, yet so much poverty. Nonetheless, India has become a world power through grit, determination and wisdom.

So, the big question.

Something tells me I would have liked to be Julius Caesar.

He lived in a Rome that had a few million population but he was certainly in the elite group. I’m not really into that elite nonsense to be honest but for a week or two I’d go back and have a crack at it. Servants that would run my bath – and maybe they’d get the temperature right first time instead of what I have to do which is dip a toe in several times then over-cool it. There would be no microwave ovens so everything would be freshly cooked and the kitchens would be open all day if I decided. I’m not into wine so Jules baby can drink that stuff himself. One of the big attractions would be the weather. No cold winters. After all, walking about all day in that toga gear would be chilly if Caesar had lived in the north of Scotland. I’d love the feel of gold coins. Something about gold isn’t there?

I’m sure I could think of other reasons why I’d like to be Caesar but it’s time for my nap.

Ok, so there you are.

So, tell me who YOU would have liked to have been – tell me where and when.

Go, Just Do It.

By Bill Storie


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