Why Horses Have Cell Phones by Bill Storie

Why Horses Have Cell Phones by Bill Storie

Every morning around 7 am I take my Yorkies for a walk down my street, which is really a country road. Some morning the female Yorkie will decide to join the male Yorkie and me. Other mornings she’ll decline. She’s a temperamental wee thing.

Couple days back I was out. There’s a horse stable down the street with maybe 30 horses. So, out comes this young girl – maybe 15 or 16 I’d say, on the back of a huge horse. Slowly wandering along the road, quite peacefully.

But the girl is on her cell phone. Tweeting I think. Paying no attention to where the horse is going and quite oblivious to anything around her, including me. I looked at the horse and the horse looked at me. The expression in its face was interesting.

“She wants to take me for a walk and does this nonsense,” he said to me. “Go figure.”

Then I thought maybe it’s the horse that’s on the phone and she’s just along for the ride.

I remind you, it was 7 in the morning. She had obviously got out of bed very early, got dressed in all the gear, went to the stables, probably on her scooter, saddled up the horse, mounted, then went on her cell phone. What was so important that she went to all that bother, only to start tweeting?

Couldn’t she have saved everyone, mainly the horse, the trouble of getting up early and going out? Why not just lie in bed and tweet?

I wish I’d taken a photo (she wouldn’t have known anyway) but I thought better of it. An old geezer taking photos of a young girl at 7 in the morning probably wouldn’t have worked out too well.

“Well, your Honor, it was like this.”

Yet again we have another example of technology running (maybe ruining) our life.

Maybe the horse has a Facebook Page. Photos of all his neigh’bors probably !!

But where would we be without technology? Especially in retirement.

Watching the grass grow. Playing golf, until we get sick of it. Going for long walks only to get sore feet. Watching television(yikes). Playing with the grandkids until we simply must send them home. Talking on the phone with our friends until we get tired of listening to the same old guff.

“Did I tell you I went to the dentist last week?”

“Yup. 8 times.”

What did our grandparents do in retirement?

They had no Internet, no cell phones, no TV and above all else no bucket list. They enjoyed being left alone for a while in the house, even though a spouse was around somewhere. They tolerated people’s freedom and gave them space. They gladly met at the dinner table and asked, “So, what did you do today?


“You did that yesterday.”

“I know, but I didn’t get it finished.” Hee-yaw.

Life was so much relaxed back then. No desperation to answer emails instantly. No web-surfing at breakneck speed to be the first in the world to know that it was raining in Brazil. No need to glue a cell phone to their hip in case the lottery people called. A tweet to them was a wee chirp in the back garden from a bird they couldn’t quite see.

They slept. They ate. They reminisced. They read books. They played cards. They did watch the grass grow. They then had to work out when to go cut it. They went to bed early and got up even earlier. They did housework. Dust on a shelf lasted one day, two tops. They couldn’t stand a mess. They had routine.

So, d’ya wanna go back to that - or d’ya wanna get on a horse at 7 in the morning and tweet your friends?

By the way, I’m not asking you. I’m asking your four-legged friend.


By Bill Storie


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