What day is it? by Bill Storie

What day is it? by Bill Storie

Last week a good friend and I agreed to have lunch. “Let’s make it Thursday”

The restaurant we chose is not far from my house and not far from his either. I drove there in my car (which is unusual in my house as we are only allowed one car per household in Bermuda and my travel schedule is largely ignored due to the UberGranTaxi service we provide to grandchildren). The car park looks over a nice little harbor in the local village, so I sat and admired the view rather than go inside. It was a lovely day.

After fifteen minutes my mate was still a no-show. After twenty minutes I gave up. You might think I could have gone in and had lunch on my own, but Scotsmen don’t do that. No need to spend money on myself alone. So, I came home and had a sandwich.

I sent my friend an e-mail, “Where were you?”

“For what?” he replied.


“Idiot” he said, “lunch is tomorrow. Today’s Wednesday.”

Sheepishly I went the next day. Unfortunately, the taxi was booked for the day so I had to toddle along on my wee motor bike thing.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I had no idea what day it was. It’s an age thing.”

We had a nice lunch anyway and got caught up on many things. As we were walking back out to drive home, my friend said “Y’know, you’re not the only idiot. I came here on Tuesday.!!!!”

Now we were both worried that we’re losing it. I often wake up early in the morning and have no idea what day it is. No idea if I’m doing anything today. No idea if I’m meeting anyone today. I used to worry about that stuff, but now I don’t. I don’t care. I’m just glad I’m not running the Free World.!!

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that it doesn’t matter if I don’t know what day it is. I’m retired after all.

If I do have to be someplace then someone will remind me. If they don’t then I don’t show up. Irate calls don’t faze me these days, so I let them slide past. If they like me then I’ll be asked to go out again. If not, then too bad. After all, isn’t this the time in life when I can please myself?

The only thing I always remember is what day and what time the weekend football match starts. For some reason I never ever ever forget that. I think it’s part of my DNA. Oh well.

So, if you like me tend to forget stuff, take heart. It’s no big deal.

Another friend (yes, I do have more than one !!) last week, was away on a business trip. When he got back he jumped in a taxi at the airport to go home. He got home and surmised his wife had the car. Then he remembered that she was also away on a trip, so wasn’t using the car. Yip, you guessed it. He had taken the car to the airport on the way out and parked it there. He had to call his son to take him back to get his car.

That made me feel young again.

By Bill Storie

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