Neighbors Helping Neighbors by Robin Trimingham

Neighbors Helping Neighbors by Robin Trimingham

We received a message this past week from a reader who commented that some of our advice is too mainstream in that it is available “all over the web”. At Olderhood we take your requests for help very seriously and we always endeavor to bring you the best quality information available.

Having said this, it is also fair to point out that even our best ideas are only intended to be a catalyst to help you envisage and enact your own satisfying retirement life. How bland life would be if we all lived in vanilla houses with beige armchairs and harvest gold kitchen appliances (remember those?).

In a word – yuck!

The third part of your life needs to be anything but vanilla – give yourself a life of rocky road and chunky monkey covered in chocolate sprinkles and cherries. Give yourself the freedom to have three scoops once in a while. Heck have mint chip on waffles for breakfast and load up on the broccoli at dinnertime to balance things out.

My point is, if your life is dull, break yourself out of the box you are still locked in, stomp on it, kick it down the stairs and then burn it in the backyard until so few ashes remain that there is nothing left to sweep up.

Then, when you have recovered from the sugar-high (or possibly a hangover) get a fresh sheet of paper and write the following three times:

“I promise myself that I will work to live differently every day. I deserve to try new things and I am going to allow myself to pursue the crazy ideas that pop into my head from this day forward.”

Now – post this on the bathroom mirror so that it is the last thing you see before you go to bed and the first thing that you see when you get up in the morning.

Still reading? Then you are not very good at following instructions!

Now go write that sentence right now and don’t come back until you are done.


Sometimes it is hard work being a free spirit but entirely worth the effort in my experience. For the most part, however, it is much easier to keep busy and entertained. My personal hobby is figuring out how to do things I have never tried before.

Right now, I am learning all about turning objects on a lathe. No, I’m not kidding – I have been watching all sorts of You Tube videos on the subject. Did you know you can melt down plastic bottle caps from water bottles to make a rectangular block and then turn it into a handle for a cheese grater on a lathe?

Is this useful information? That depends on whether or not I ever need to make my own cutlery, I admit. But the bigger point is, my mind is active, engaged, and entertained – which means I am happy, and my hat goes off the to the guy who first dreamed the process up.

It also just goes to show – you never know what you will come up with until you try. Which leaves just one question: what are you waiting for?

 By Robin Trimingham


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