Making Connections by Joanne Waldman

Making Connections by Joanne Waldman

I recently travelled to New York City with my 20 year old daughter for a family wedding. We had never travelled just the two of us alone so I was looking at this as a bonding weekend. I always like to take on the perspective that everything is an opportunity and I have been focusing on that thought. There were three things that showed up for me to write about here. I am wondering what opportunity you can find in your daily retirement experiences to learn or create something great?

The first area that came to mind was that I was able to participate in some reverse mentoring. This is a wonderful way to learn technology to help one feel younger and in line with what is happening today. In this instance I learned how to use Uber. Since it was raining almost the whole time in the city, we chose to use Uber just about every time we had to get somewhere. I now have the app on my phone and am excited to use Uber without the help of my daughter the next time I need transportation. On two occasions we used the share a ride option. I felt very 2017 that I had used Uber! What can you learn that would make you feel either younger or up to date?

The next opportunity happened at the rehearsal dinner. I sat next to a psychiatrist who was working part time doing administrative rather than clinical work and he was quite intrigued that I was a retirement coach. He wants to leave his position but is not sure what he wants to do next. We talked about issues of retirement, I gave him my business card and we agreed to connect again at a later date. How fun that I probably picked up a new client at my cousin's daughter's wedding! How can you turn an ordinary situation into an opportunity?

Finally, the wedding was a great way to connect with my father's side of the family. He died in 1977 when I was 19. I did not connect with my two cousins until I was in my mid 20’s, so it is very important for me, as well as my cousins, to keep this connection going. One of the best parts of the wedding was the music used for the first dance of the newly married couple. Two of my father's sisters were professional singers back in big band days, known professionally as the Bailey Sisters. They are both deceased yet this music and choreographed dance brought tears to all of my family. Having my daughter there to meet some of her cousins was important as well. We are all looking for ways to connect again soon because being together feels so perfect. Finding your connectedness in retirement is crucial to happiness.

How can you renew a connection, keep one going, or create a new one that will inspire you? What will be your next opportunity that you convert to a retirement win?

By Joanne Waldman

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