“But I Have No Money to Invest” by Bill Storie

“But I Have No Money to Invest” by Bill Storie

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that statement I’d be rich.

Yet the financial services industry persists in telling us to “Save early, Save lots”. They somehow forget to tell us how to actually do that. If working people have nothing left at the end of the month then how are they expected to add voluntary contributions to their pension fund or pout more into their savings account or investment portfolio?

Clearly for those of us who have gone through the retirement door already, this extra savings business is almost irrelevant. We are on fixed incomes and there really is no excess cash lying around. Yet we have children and grandchildren, much younger of course, who need to be shown how to accomplish a routine of saving more.

It IS possible - but it requires thought, advice, planning and implementation.

For a year or so now the Olderhood Team has been conducting retirement workshops and seminars for a variety of audiences – corporate, groups, individuals. We always cover Financial Planning, but in a fairly rudimentary fashion, without digging too deep into the several components of what to many, can be a complex and frightening exercise – the forecasting function.

It’s fair to say that what we talk about in the workshops is quality material, but the more we see the need for deeper information and advice, the more we have realized that there are few, very few reliable and trustworthy sources of such information, provided by people who have “walked the walk”, and don’t get simply get stuck in the “talk the talk” maze.

So, we decided to do something about it.

We have created a brand new and extensive Workshop on Financial Planning called “Money Matters”.

It covers budgeting, planning, forecasting, impact of financial decisions on your life and family, early retirement considerations, investing properly, downsizing, saving for the rainy day, health insurance, long-term care issues, the famous bucket list, spousal coordination, and much more.

The material is aimed at age 30 or so upwards.

We re-balance the material to suit the various age groups.

In other words, Boomers think differently from Millennials, albeit on the same topic. We recognize the nuances of generation life planning.

Initially we will be conducting workshops here in our own backyard in person. But as we develop the business model we fully expect to merge the Workshop material (over 100 pages of quality content) into online webinars which we will offer through our various Olderhood Pages and websites including our Olderhood International Club which just added its 15,000th member.

We believe this to be an innovative approach to what many people believe is a confusing, worrying and yet vitally important issue. It doesn’t have to be.

Money Matters is the Complete Course to Chart the Course of your Life.

For more information e-mail me at Bill@Olderhood.com

By Bill Storie

Bill Storie and Robin Trimingham are the co-founders of The Olderhood Group Ltd., an online learning company with + 100,000 global followers in over 100 countries. The Leaders in Action video series, produced by Olderhood Productions International (part of The Olderhood Group) features short video interviews with recognized Leaders in multi-national companies, global organizations, and renowned experts in various locations around the world including London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Singapore, New Delhi, and many others. The Series is published on Olderhood’s social media pages, The Royal Gazette, LinkedIn and through its several Partnership Networks globally to millions of viewers around the world. The Olderhood Group provides life transition, financial literacy and retirement lifestyle planning, education, and training for corporations in the form of videos, podcasts and webinars. The consulting practice focuses on helping companies augment their employee benefits programs, and their customer outreach initiatives, by seamlessly integrating customized workshops, in-house training, and online learning opportunities into their existing platforms.