​​​​​​​When I Grow Up - Next Time Around by Bill Storie

When I Grow Up - Next Time Around by Bill Storie

Many years ago, as a young man back in Scotland I had the opportunity to enter politics. A business associate of my father was a Member of Parliament in London (a big hitter for sure) and he was very keen to coach me and guide me into the political system. He was a very fine man and was highly respected by every politician around the world at that time.

However, I decided to take another path and went into business, in particular the world of finance.

It’s not something I regret as such, but I regularly watch politics on television and I know many politicians (of all sides) in my adopted country, here in Bermuda. Consequently, I often feel a “gap” in my development. If God gave me the opportunity to do a “restart” I may indeed second-time around, take the plunge into the world of speaking and opinion-giving.

Why am I talking about this topic this week?

Well, I have listened to several key global events in the world of politics this past week or so - the Brexit confusion ; the G7 circus ; and yesterday, the Singapore “Big Meet”. I’m sure there have been many other important things going on in legislatures around the world, ranging from the so-called “innocent kiss” to the “raised eyebrow” (lowered actually !).

Yet I wonder whether I would have been a good politician.

As many of you know I am a talker. I can make a speech at the drop of a hat as they say. In fact, I can make a speech in the absence of any hat. Give me a microphone and you should go and make the popcorn. So, I have no doubt that the speaking part would have been a stroll in the park.

I think my problem would have been when someone disagreed with me !!

It’s not that I don’t recognize other people’s right to express their opinion. But where I go off the rails is when their argument or opinion is illogical and driven by some other motive rather than the argument of right or wrong on the topic in question. Too often we are forced to listen to idiots who are either IN the political system …. or those buffoons who are in other professions but seem to want to force their silly notions on me and the clear-thinking population (me included).

The rantings of many people who have been in “political obscurity” all their lives yet now have so much to say, that we must listen to their sermons from the mount, infuriates me intensely. The rationale is not that they have a point to make about a decision made or proposed, but rather they hate the person who made the decision or proposal - regardless of its merits. People who would rather see a political platform destroyed for the sake of destruction without thinking through the arguments, which in many cases impact millions of people who do not have the ability, or the money, or the visibility, to stand in front of a microphone to speak to an audience of sheep. People who are so wound up that they would applaud a rotten apple falling off a tree for no reason but to applaud any cult-like stupidity.

Some recent words, phrases or comments, many cloaked allegedly inside a joke, are obnoxious, vile and not appreciated by honest and fair people (me included). Those idiots do more good for the people they oppose than justify their own ill-mannered opinion.

So, I reckon that had I been a politician I would have been ejected from Parliament on more than one occasion had I been forced to listen to, or comment on, people who have absolutely no idea what the words “logical and rational argument” mean.

On reflection therefore, I am probably in the right place.

Perhaps my work in the Olderhood World is my calling after all – changing the world of retirement one word at a time.

By Bill Storie

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