What Trump vs. Clinton Says About You and Me

In an electorate that will not listen to reason and reacts to statements like "it takes time," "we need to be more patient," "we need to cooperate," "getting angry will only make matters worse" as excuses, the appeal of Trump makes sense... at least emotional sense.

The frustration and fears of the Democratic party are that trying to reason with a chronically fearful turned frustrated turned angry electorate -- such as the disappearing of a middle class that is falling through the cracks without a safety net - is like trying to reason with a headstrong adolescent to take responsibility for his or her actions.

Unless and until the Democratic party understands this and offers a real and "doable" solution that the electorate can trust, believe and have confidence in, many of the electorate will choose relief instead of promises that don't appear to be delivered or just take too long too soothe and calm the mounting frustrations of so many. By giving vent to that long standing frustration turned angry Trump offers relief.

This didn't happen overnight. American lost its mind, desire and ability to listen to reason over a many years.

The values and virtues of reflection, thoughtfulness, contemplativeness, patience, hearing another person out, considering what someone says before interrupting and rejecting it have been eclipsed by fanning the flames of conspicuous consumption and immediate gratification.

People are increasingly driven to fill the holes in their lives and in their psyches with a "get more, sooner" attitude and the technology driven phenomenon of FOMO (fear of missing out). People don't even know whether getting more sooner or not missing out will make them happy, but there is a deep belief that getting less later or missing out is bad. 

Technology loves and thrives and makes gobs of money on conspicuous consumption. We need look no further than the Pokemon Go phenomenon.  True it's great to have people getting out of their homes to now interact in pursuit of winning the game.  However, interacting in mass to rout out and capture Pokemon's is not the same as relating to each other.  And living in a world that can now literally connect to and stream videos to each other does in real time does not equal caring about each other.  And it certainly doesn't mean being able to show and sustain compassion in a world writhing in fear, hurt, anger and despair. The world doesn't have the patience to show compassion and over time that cause the world to lose the ability to feel compassion.  When compassion and empathy leave, people become objects that deserve to be smited and even destroyed when they get in your way.

Because I am probably reaching the limits of your attention span, let me ask you to do me and yourself the favor of watching the following videos.  The first shows humankind at its worst and the second shows humankind at its best.

Until the next President finds a way to reach a tormented, angst ridden electorate driven by "fight of flight" and because of that being rendered unable to listen to reason, more voters will continue to be attracted to an outlet for their frustration when there is no solution that makes sense, feels right and is doable in sight.

P.S. You will need your handkerchiefs when you watch the two videos and like the recent conventions your capacity for compassion and humanity towards your fellow human being will get a bounce.  The challenge is keeping that part of you and the best part of you alive in your life.

Where we're at...

What's possible when a world that doesn't have time for the pain, takes all the time that pain needs

Dr. Mark Goulston is a #1 best selling author of seven books, former hostage negotiation trainer, speaker, trainer, coach and renowned psychiatrist. He is regarded as an internationally renowned expert in the field of empathy and listening. As a result of his rich and diverse background and experiences, Dr. Goulston increases people’s ability to get through to anyone.