For more information on how to showcase your ministry on Truli please contact: 
Jim Dickson
Vice President
Truli Media Group
(855) 468 7854, extension 205


Truli offers you:

• Expanded, global outreach potential for church ministries of any size, budget or location
• Direct user feedback and comment to ministry messages
• Easy access to conversation monitoring and notification for your new parisioners
• A simple upload interface and submission page allows ministries to quickly upload and tag content to relevance and even Bible references
• Continuously updated content, added daily, and easily distributed on a variety of media streaming devices, dedicated to the Christian world
• No airtime cost for member ministries
• Churches need not quality check nor administrate their uploaded content
“The methods change but the message stays the same. Christianity is fundamentally a communication event. God uses many media channels.”
- Shane Hipps