Who's Pushing Your Swing?

Max Lucado is a preacher with a storyteller’s gift — a pastor’s heart and a poet’s pen. Max’s message is simple: God loves you; let him. Max serves the people of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas, where he has been on staff since 1988. He preaches and writes to... Read More

Children love to swing. There’s nothing like it. Spinning trees, a stomach that jumps into your throat. Ahh, swinging… As a child, I trusted certain people to push my swing. They could twist me, turn me, stop me. . .I loved it! But let a stranger push my swing, and it was hang on, baby!

Remember when Jesus stilled the storm? It was frightening enough to scare the pants (or robes) off a dozen disciples. So they ran to wake up Jesus. They ran to do what? Jesus was asleep? How in the world could he sleep through a storm? Simple. He knew who was pushing the swing.

We live in a world of private storms; strained marriages, broken hearts, lonely evenings. Who pushes your swing? In the right hands you can find peace, even in the storm.