What on Earth

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Against the backdrop of the breathtaking crop circle phenomenon, storyteller Suzanne Taylor engages with fascinating artists, scientists, philosophers, mathematicians, and educators, who converge on southern England from around the world every summer for the circle season. They deal with the creative genius being expressed in farmlands as they speculate on why the circles are being delivered and how the world can ignore such wonders. Also, about how the circles make us think about life. What is real? What is art? What is the nature of proof? What are the limitations of science? What is the place of humanity in the cosmos? “These are all big questions, and we don’t have a forum for big questions today,” says John Martineau, the brilliant geometer who showed the world there is a mathematical teaching in crop formations. We can’t dismiss the possibility that we are being visited by a non-human agency, and you come away from the movie thinking about how that would affect us. If we knew we were not the only intelligence in the universe, we would be one humanity in relation "the other," and, as someone in the movie says, "That could be what saves this civilization."