We Need The Power of God in Ministry | Pastor Benny Perez | Dedicated Leaders Session

Pastor Benny Perez loves Jesus and it is in that love that he has been called one of the leading voices to this generation. His ministry has been marked by unique ways of ministering, and God has used him as a means to bring revival and genuine transformation in the hearts and lives of thousands.... Read More

In this leader sessions Pastor Benny Perez talks about the ministry of Jesus and how His ministry was Both/And. He speaks out of the book of Mark on "Why We Need The Power of God in Ministry today." This was recorded at the 2012 Dedicated Conference. Benny Perez: www.bennyperez.org The Church Conference: thechurchconference.com Dedicated Conference: dedicatedlv.com _______________________________________________ Church Conference 2012: www.thechurchconference.com The Church Conference at The Church at South Las Vegas is October 16 through the 18 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is a spirit contemporary conference for leaders and teams. The theme and heart behind the conference this year is Both/And. We believe that the local church needs both Relevance and Revival. Both Practical Leadership and God's Power. It's not either or, it's both and! Speakers include Ed Young: twitter.com Stovall Weems: Benny Perez: twitter.com Sam Chand: twitter.com Sergio De La Mora: twitter.com Obed Martinez: twitter.com Worship With Wendy Perez: twitter.com Jabin Chavez: twitter.com Rachel Sneed: twitter.com App Sessions include lead pastors, youth, children, worship, creative and outreach. THE CHURCH AT SOUTH LAS VEGAS Info here: www.thechurchconference.com TAGS: Church Conference 2012, Ed Young, Sam Chand, Benny Perez, Stovall Weems, jabin chavez, Obed Martinez, Sergio De La Mora, Las Vegas, Vegas Church, Worship, Speaking, churchlv, Henderson, Nevada, the blood, beautiful exchange, 2012 <b>...</b>