Two Mission one confetion; Farsi دو مأموریت و یک اقتدار

IRAN FOR CHRIST MINISTRIES was started in 1991 by Pastor Elnathan and Nazanin Baghestani with a vision to serve the growing church in the Iran region. From the beginning, IFCM's passion was to train and equip Iranian Christians to reach and disciple their country men. In1996 they arrived in USA... Read More

Jesus calling the twelve together before sending them on this important mission. While it is true that Jesus is not here in a physical sense today, His call to learn from Him before being sent out is no less real for us. Sometimes before we are sent out, His teaching of us can take more time than we would expect. we are not told how much preparation time they were given before they were sent. We need also to look at Peter’s famous confession. For when he said that he knew Jesus was the Christ, look at the response of Jesus in Matthew 16:17 - ”Jesus replied, “Blessed are you Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by man, but by My Father in heaven.”