Transform Your Life by Training Your State

The Lance Learning Group is the place where Dr. Lance Wallnau shares his lifetime research in the field of organizational and personal transformation. Lance regularly consults with leaders and ministry networks.

In 2008 Dr. Wallnau launched the 7M University offering online training and personal development courses. This developing system of materials and full media presentation vehicle will impact the lives of hundreds of thousands worldwide. Incorporating live webinars, printable training materials, audio downloads, and processing questions with videoed FAQ sessions online, allows access to this transformational teaching to anyone anywhere 24/7.

The Believer's Edge services of Lance Learning Group impact Individuals, Ministries, Companies and Corporations in effectively integrating what they learn through the 7M University or variety of training products that Dr. Wallnau has authored and presented at conferences internationally.

This is just the beginning of a whole new era of empowering tools and materials designed to transform our communities, cities, and the nations!

Every state, whether it's a state of success, state of confidence, a state of fear, a state of self-consciousness, a state of feeling sexy or a state of feeling stupid. All state is the byproduct of three things: 1. What gets your attention or your focus. 2. What you say to yourself - the meaning you attach. 3. Your physiology - how you allow it to get grounded in your body. For more on state, please read my blog post: