Touching Wild Horses

Throughout the years we have maintained focused attention on projects in specific genres that have appeal for the European as well as the domestic market and which lend themselves to co-productions. This is derived from our operating philosophy:
1. Identifying niche domestic markets which can program these specific niche genres
2. Involving domestic and European production and broadcast partners in development at as early a stage as possible
3. Optimum use of Canadian and European personnel
4. Maintaining direct relationships with Canadian, American and European broadcasters in order to understand their needs and problems
5. Accepting and mediating the different sensibilities between European and American licensees
We have a unique track record of using a variety of financial structures. These involved financing productions through licenses, distribution advances and government subsidies; but retaining some ancillary rights to be exploited as profits. We plan to continue this approach to production financing of projects using gap financing where appropriate.
Our productions emanate principally from our in-house development activities. We initiate, develop and arrange the licensing and distribution deals for the majority of our projects. We also provide a complete range of creative, financing and production services for third party productions.
Most of our development activities are undertaken in conjunction with production or distribution partners. However, we have been successful in producing movies and series which have both immediate recoupment potential and long-term library value, as well as available foreign rights and North American ancillary uses for future profit.
With offices in both Toronto and Los Angeles, we maintain a small core of staff employees. Additional creative and production personnel are contracted as required from a resource pool of individuals in Canada, the U.S. and Various European countries with whom we have worked with many times.

After a car accident that claimed his father and sister's lives and left his mother in a coma, a boy is sent to live with his reclusive aunt Fiona on Sable Island, a world-renowned wild horse preserve.