The Surprising Positive Lessons From Auschwitz

Practical tips for living a joy filled life and amazing interviews with people who do.

Imagine being sent to Auschwitz as a ten year old child, tortured by medical doctors as part of Dr. Mengele’s infamous twin experiments – and then forgiving the doctors who did that to you! In this podcast Eva Kor shares ■The traps victims fall into ■The one power victims have that no one can take away ■Why the perpetrator doesn’t have to ask for forgiveness ■Why Eva says forgiveness isn’t difficult – and how you can do it ■What she thinks now when she remembers those terrible times ■The surprising positive lessons she teaches as she takes tours to Auschwitz and why she takes the tours ■The great purpose of her Candles Holocaust museum ■The one thing we all can do to stop bullying and prevent future holocausts – and it’s free!