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The Rapture of the Church

According To Prophecy Ministries is a Bible based ministry that focuses on the teaching and proclamation of God's prophetic truth, and topics related to the End Times.  Evangelist Perkins brings the study of Bible Prophecy down to earth with a simple but thorough... Read More

Evangelist Perkins taught this powerful message in a Bible Prophecy meeting, He explains how and why this supernatural event of the Rapture is so important for all believers to know and understand. He discuss why this teaching of the Rapture should not be a message of debate, but a message of comfort to Christians. Topics covered in this message: 1) What is the Rapture? 2) The Timing of the Rapture 3) A doctrine of Imminence 4) A closer look at the Rapture Text 5) A Warning against dating the Rapture 6) The Benefits of the Rapture. There are more topics that are covered on the full length Dvd that you can order from our Ministry Online Book Store. See Link: ( ).