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The making of "A MeaningFull Life" movie Starring Harmini - MUST WATCH

Hello world! Welcome to the land of Harmini Productions. We are more than just a ministry. We are more than just a business. According to Jesus, we are the light the world! Our goal is to evangelize the gospel, biblical principles, and create both godly and positive content for people to love and enjoy all across the globe. Mission Statement "Our ministry is here to inspire, motivate, and encourage people across the world to pursue the calling for which they were born. We have committed our lives to minister biblical principles through the lyrics of music, the storylines of film, and the imagery of media. As Christians, we believe that we are not only called to influence the world but to impact peoples lives through the creative and powerful mountain of media, arts and entertainment." - Harmini
Thank you for taking time out of your day to check out this interview video! See more of our work and learn more about who we are and our vision below* Harmini: Producer/Actor/- Isaiah Smith: Director/Producer/Editor-