The Kids | The Church at South Las Vegas | Henderson, NV

Pastor Benny Perez loves Jesus and it is in that love that he has been called one of the leading voices to this generation. His ministry has been marked by unique ways of ministering, and God has used him as a means to bring revival and genuine transformation in the hearts and lives of thousands. Pastor Benny could be defined in part as being real, relevant and very responsive to the needs of people.

After experiencing one of the greatest youth revivals to ever hit the northwest, Pastor Benny felt called to begin a church in Las Vegas. In 2003, Pastor Benny and his wife Wendy founded The Church at South Las Vegas, which is now one of the fastest growing churches in the city where nearly 3,800 people attend.

Pastor Benny has been featured on The 700 Club, TBN, Daystar, NBC, and ABC networks. Articles have been written about him in Charisma magazine, Christianity Today as well as other periodicals.

The story of the church continues to grow and has now caught the attention of international news media outlets who travel to the Entertainment Capitol of the World to see how a Las Vegas pastor ministers to a multi-generational, multi-ethnic congregation.

Pastor Benny continues to travel the globe and thousands of people have been touched by his unique preaching style which is marked by humor, passion and a genuine love for people.

Pastor Benny resides in Henderson, Nevada with his wife Wendy and their three children.

CLICK HERE: We love kids. The Kids is a wildly-creative, fun, imaginative, interactive place where kids learn about God's love for them every week in a dynamic way. Twitter Facebook: E-mail: We also care about FAMILIES. We know how challenging it can be to raise children. That's why we offer the following conveniences to make sure your whole family has a positive experience while they worship and throughout the week. A state-of-the-art secure check-in system so you can enjoy the experience without worry. Our bar-code check-in system saves time, increases classroom security and provides easy accessibility to families attending our church. We offer a visitor check-in with an attendant to assist you and your visitors and self check-in system to speed up the check-in process once you're comfortable. Parent /child tags are distributed at check-in for quick and easy pick-up! A paging system connecting you to your infant, toddler or 2yr old. When you drop your child off in their age appropriate class, the teacher will give you a restaurant pager. Every healthy child will be accepted and all efforts will be made to calm them down. If your child continues to be upset after 15 minutes or you are needed for any reason, you can be paged. That way you can relax and enjoy the worship experience without any stress about the well-being of your little one. A "wiggle giggle" room for parents with any little ones that aren't quite ready ...