Tanya Gordon chats with Debbie Gould - ep 4

Deb’s Place is an inspirational television series that looks at how we can all challenge the status quo and make a significant difference in our world today.
Deb's Place is hosted by Sydney based a wife, mother and grandmother Debbie Gould.
Deb’s Place speaks with women and men who are leaders in their field. Leaders who draw on their life’s experience, passions and influence when sharing their stories.
In this series of six episodes, Debbie looks at a wide range of topics, including evangelism, sharing your faith in public, effective ways to help others, overcoming adversity, faith and finance, and the impacts an over-sexualised world has on children.

Tanya was on the verge of a huge music career when she was effected by debilitating anxiety attacks. She talks with Debbie about how she overcame this challenge and the recent release of her new EP 'Braver Than You Think You Are'