Spiritual and Emotional Healing through Forgiveness

Practical tips for living a joy filled life and amazing interviews with people who do.

Eight Steps To Forgiveness People who have forgiven always say, I just decided to forgive and did it. OK. What if that doesn’t work for you? What if you said that but then still were upset and angry? Tagg Taylor shares a step by step process that gets you there. Why would you want to? Have you ever found yourself over-reacting to a situation and yet unable to stop? Or acting like a victim - ■ Blaming every one else when there’s a problem, ■ Always focusing on yourself ■Feeling used by other people How can you become the vibrant, loving person you were meant to be? Forgiving. Find out how and why. Tagg Taylor documents his triumph over childhood trauma by laying out the eight repeatable steps that lead to a peaceful heart and a life of abundant love and happiness.