Sell My Computer Sell My Car

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In her 20′s Hanley Denning, a teacher for children of special needs, went to Guatemala to learn Spanish. What she found. Children living in the dump in Guatemala city with no money for school and little for food. What she did. Called her family and said sell my computer, sell my car and went to work, earning the nickname Angel del Basuero (Angel of the Dump) along the way. I talk today with Charles “Butch” Patteson, one of the volunteers who worked with Hanley as she built her program, Safe Passage, bit by bit. Today Safe Passage supports 550 children in school and works with mothers to create their own incomes making jewelry. Listen now to ■Why there is a need ■How do people end up living in the dump ■What Hanley’s program, Safe Passage, provides ■How to get started filling needs you see – step one! ■Why not just send them money? ■What about the poor kids in the US? ■What to do if you want to help but don’t have any money ■What to do if everything is going wrong