Ron Kardashian Interview

eightM interviews Christian celebrities, CEO's, best selling authors, professional athletes, politicians, Presidents, visionaries, inventors and scientists.  We have created a best practices platform where you can discover your purpose and learn from people who have accomplished what you are setting out to do. 
The Purpose of eightM is simple: To love God and love others as He loves us.
The Vision is to globally transform culture and society in every nation until it displays the character and nature of Jesus Christ.
The Mission is to lead by example in providing cross-denominational support and partnership to other ministries, churches and businesses and to equip and train others to do the same. Our mission is to be:
Eyes for the blind. A father to the poor and orphaned. Feet for the lame. Champion of the lost. Light in Darkness. (Job 29)
We intend to do this by creating a sustainable and profitable business model that will provide long-term aid to the poor and charitable organizations by giving a percentage of profits to social causes. 50% of all our subscription revenue goes directly to helping the poor and needy.
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Corporate Culture and Values
Not only do we strongly believe in the mission of eightM, but the way we achieve this mission is just as important to us. That is why our core value is Family First! Our families are our priorities. By making sure our families are doing well we can fully devote ourselves to eightM.
The following values must always be seen in our relationships with the members, staff, partners, suppliers and shareholders: Honesty; transparency; integrity; humility; love; vulnerability with each other; non-judgmental; honor; esteem others over ourselves; see redeeming qualities in the others; giving; charitable; committed to each otherʼs destiny and purpose.
We are all equal. By saying this we literally mean that everyone is equal. We fully realize that every piece of the puzzle is just as necessary to complete the full picture. No piece is more important than the other.Charitable Projects
eightM is all about giving. We believe that giving is the best marketing and business strategy out there. 50% of all subscription fees will be donated to trustworthy charity organizations that have a 501c3 organization in the USA, have an ANBI status in the Netherlands or are in another way registered as a legal non-profit organization. All organizations that eightM donates to need to have a proven track record and be able to show their accounting and annual reports for the past 3-5 years.
At the moment weʼre exploring the possibilities of funding these projects or organizations: Stop The Traffic, Adopt a City, City transformation, XP Cambodia and Thailand, House of Mercy Newark and many others.
Besides donating to charitable organizations we plan on setting up schools, businesses, hospitals, churches and farms and creating them to be self-sustainable.

Ron Kardashian shares how you can change your life in 30 seconds...literally!