RevMedia TV is an IPTV system broadcasting media from hundreds of Christian media providers. RevMedia TV reaches millions by broadcasting the Christian message through its own original Christian content, as well as hundreds of churches, ministries and Christian broadcasters from around the world.

Live Streaming of hundreds of Churches every week make RevMedia TV one of the largest exclusive Christian content provider. RevMedia Tv has churches from Texas all to Hawaii, from Belgium to South Africa, even from India to Kenya broadcasting with us. We are truly a multi-culture Christian broadcasting company.

RevMedia TV produces powerful Christian shows like it #1 show Midwatch TV and Midwatch Radio. Thousands have tuned in to listen to one of the most entertaining and extremely funny Christian talk show hosts on the air. Midwatch interviews Christian authors, artists, movie producers, indie film makers, ministers and just about anyone with a story of faith. The show is built around discussing faith and building encouragement to our listeners. Broadcasting primarily online through our servers to the world and across the USA on RevMedia Network & RevMedia TV. Midwatch has reached over 3.5 million listeners over the past 3 years. Join us for a show full of faith, humor, special guests, truth, entertainment and encouragement.

So whether you watch one of the highly anointed ministries broadcasting with us or even one our entertaining Christian shows you will be blessed.

RevLife was created to bring neglected children in all countries the basic needs of living. We believe every kid deserves a chance. A chance to have food, medical, clothing, education and spiritual freedom. How do we do this? By working with the nationals of each country to ensure continuing support and supervision of the children we help. We operate two Children Homes in Orissa, India with 80 children from the persecuted Kandhamal region. We also recently adopted The Genevieve Project in Kenya, Africa which is a Christian Preschool in a poor area for dysfunctional families ruined by drugs and alchol. These 100 preschool kids are in class instead of roaming the dangerous gang area. How can you help? Simply by supporting our Feed The Kids program, donating or purchasing any product that shows the RevLife name on it. Where doe the funds go? Proceeds go to support the orphanages, medical needs in villages for children and feed programs througout the year. What is Adopt a Child? Because true adoption is rare and almost unheard of in India. These kids could end up staying for life in our centers with out an adopted parent. That’s why we developed Adopt a Kid. When someone sponsors a child monthly in any of our orphanages they literally become their adopted parents. They will grow to know you and correspond through translation over email or video conference. You will get names and photos of the children you adopt