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REVELATIONS TV Series - Bible League International - HMS EP-042

Horizon Media Studios is giving television viewers a fresh revelation of how God is currently working today, in and through the church and various Christian ministries. Fulfilling the Great Commandment and the Great Commission is the heart of Christianity. It should be the passion of the Body of Christ to participate in sharing the Gospel message and in making disciples to positively impact today's generation.

We invite you to tune into the TV Series REVELATIONS to be inspired and challenged to put your "feet to your faith".

Bible League provides Scriptures and training worldwide, so that people prepared by the Holy Spirit will be brought into the fellowship of Christ and His Church. We seek to provide Bibles and related materials through cost-efficient placement systems, and to promote personal, family, and small group Bible study. We partner with churches and mission organizations in more than 60 countries, supplying them with Bibles, related materials, and training in church planting and Scripture placement. We emphasize protecting donor investments through accountability systems that measure and report results which our ministry partners achieve, especially new churches established and new converts brought into church membership. We provide Bibles to believers suffering persecution in societies where the Gospel is restricted