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REVELATIONS TV Series - Barnabas Ministries - HMS EP-066

Horizon Media Studios is giving television viewers a fresh revelation of how God is currently working today, in and through the church and various Christian ministries. Fulfilling the Great Commandment and the Great Commission is the heart of Christianity. It should be the passion of the Body of Christ to participate in sharing the Gospel message and in making disciples to positively impact today's generation.

We invite you to tune into the TV Series REVELATIONS to be inspired and challenged to put your "feet to your faith".

Mentoring - It’s one of the most powerful things we can do: form relationships that help lead others into positive decisions. The Barnabas Mentoring program is strong, and growing stronger. Committed Christ followers are matched with young people needing someone to talk to, learn from, and celebrate life with. Values Christ-centered * Biblically Based Local Church Connected Prayer Dependent * Relationally Focused Volunteer Driven