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Only You

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Joyce Im Bartholomew: "Only You" came from the fact that I am a people person and I love talking to everybody, young and old. I have always had a lot of friends, been very friendly, and I got my energy and joy from people. But, people like me, we try to find peace from other people, instead of from Jesus Christ. This is a huge mistake because people will always disappoint you on some level. Family, friends, spouses, children, everybody will disappoint you sometimes, but only Jesus Christ is my peace. He is what brings me joy and contentment. I have suffered from depression my entire Christian life, even though I have been saved since I was 8 years old because I tried to find happiness through other people. It was when I sought joy through Jesus alone, was when my depression ended. Only He will never disappoint me. Only He will bring me happiness and peace. It has changed my life completely. I still love people, but I don't expect anything from them anymore because I know where my peace comes from.