Nicole Weider's Anti Cosmo Video August Issue - Disgusting

What is Project Inspired?
Project Inspired is cross-platform media brand by model Nicole Weider, who believes it’s time for a Hollywood voice to take the best interests of young women to heart. From relationship and style advice to inspirational quotes to a real look at celebrities in the media, Nicole draws from her own experiences to make the message clear to young women: Be a person of value and confidence – be your own best self – through leading a true Christian life. 
About Nicole
Nicole Weider is a Salem, Oregon native who moved to Los Angeles and quickly found success as a fashion model at the age of 17. After eight years of modeling and acting, she’s ditched her former life and made it her mission to share her personal story and faith with young women in the hopes of inspiring them – with spirituality, truth and fun! – to live their best lives.

Kim Kardashian, a woman with no morals, is on the cover this month. Makes sense, because she's the perfect person to be aligned with a magazine like Cosmo: she made a sex video and she promotes diet pills. In this month's video, I show you how once again we are bombarded with this magazine's recycled (pornographic) content. Let's make history and help thousands of girls across the country by writing letters to get Cosmo put in plastic bags!