Frank ChindamoPresident, is a global authority on mobile entertainment, an Adjunct Professor at USC and Chapman University, as well as an instructor at UCLA in mobile/web video production.  As a speaker, Frank has participated in over 300 panels on Mobile Video for CES, Natpe, Digital Hollywood, to name a few and has been flown to speak on the subject in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil, New York, Toronto, Las Vegas, and Sydney.  FLM has garnered more than 25 awards, including Mofilm Grand Prize at GSM in Barcelona, where Chindamo was handed the keys to a 2010 Chevrolet by actor Kevin Spacey and covered by CNNthe BBC, and the Washington Post. In 2008 at Cannes, FLM beat MTV and Orange for The Content Award sponsored by Nokia.   And at 2010 CTIA, FLM won both Best Comedy and Best Animation. These awards were won for FLM’s excellent content, including the acclaimedTurbo Dates and Mr. Wrong series, which helped the Babelgum Smart Comedy Channel, (which Frank created) outperform all five of the other competing channels on Babelgum.

His wife just won't keep quiet!