Midwatch TV Show-Guest Bishop Miguel Renteria

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Midwatch TV show Hosted by David Yanez. Guest Bishop Miguel Renteria talks about his recent missions trip with David Yanez Ministries. Kingdom Faith Church was founded in June 1998; Bishop Mike Renteria and his family moved from Houston as he was called by God to preach the gospel. He was led to the Rio Grande Valley to teach and release the “NOW” Word of God and what God is doing at this present time with the church. Bishop Renteria was ordained to the ministry in 1986, by Rev. Jerry McKinney, Rev. Kelly Varner of North Carolina and Rev. Sanders of North Carolina. Gifted with a special anointing to preach the word of God with a realm of reality - awaking the Christ in us to the realism of the Kingdom of God, which was, is, and will always be spirit and truth. Preparing God’s people into spiritual dominion; becoming overcomers in Christ.