Marquee Questions

Fellowship Church is a historic church that serves as an ecclesiastic epicenter within the city of Chicago. As one church in multiple locations, Fellowship is dedicated to establishing God’s ideas and impact in communities by sharing truth, encouraging growth, fostering family, and serving generously. With over 8,000 members, Fellowship is committed to inspiring love and igniting good with a holistic approach to ministry.

“Are we there yet?” Why is the sky blue?” “Where do babies come from?” Kids ask a lot of questions. As adults we too ask questions, sometimes because we want to learn new information but often we ask to lead someone to answer in a certain way or to get a deeper understanding of life. No one asks bigger questions than God. God’s Word is full of Marquee (leading) questions and when Jesus walked the earth he asked many marquee questions to the people he encountered. As you discover some of these questions in this deeply thought-provoking message from Pastor Charles Jenkins you'll find out that Jesus is asking some of those same questions to you about your life. Are you ready with your answers?